Meet Romeo and Juliet

Ok, I admit it- I love buying seasonal items at the Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot at Target.  Now that I’m not a classroom teacher, I have to get a little more creative to find ways to use these things.

A couple of weeks ago -you know you have to go as soon as they put it all out for the best selection; I came across these adorable little stuffed animals and I had just had to have them!!  As I stood there holding them, I was madly trying to think of a way that I could use them.

BAM!  Techno Love Bugs!  For the whole month of February, they are going to pop up in different classrooms around the school with a “love note” talking about the ways they love how technology is being used.  I think the kids will like it and I thought it would be a creative way to showcase what my amazing teachers are doing.

Here’s their first letter to a kindergarten class.

Creepy and Cool App!!


So how cool are these photos???  This is a project that one of my amazing 3rd grade teachers does with her class for the 100th day of school.  She used the Photo Booth app that I mentioned in my last post about ideas for this celebration!  The students then write about how they think their like will be when they are 100 years old!  These photos crack me up everytime.  It’s also hilarious to read about what they think they will be doing.  Most of them mention naps and eating!!

Video Tutorial on the Fly…


I remember when I was a classroom teacher that despite all the planning, some of my best teaching moments happened when an idea popped up out of nowhere.  Well, it’s the same when you’re a technology coach!!

The other day I had a teacher ask me to show them how to do something on their computer.  This teacher does not have a lot of confidence in her technology abilities.  She knows what she wants to do but sometimes she gets frustrated with not being able to remember all the steps in the right order.  When she has time, she does take notes.

We were both in a hurry and I was standing behind her, telling her what she needed to do.  Then I noticed her cell phone lying on her desk.  I asked her if I could use her phone to record her doing the steps on the computer as I walked her through it.  It worked!  She now has a short, easy to access tutorial video that has all the steps, in case she forgets any of them.

Even if the teacher doesn’t have a phone, I can use mine and then share it with them through Google Drive.  Now I can justify to my husband why I needed to updgrade my IPhone memory to 128G….yeah right!!

Anyway just thought this might be an idea that you could use 🙂

Cubbie the Chromebook Bear and Powtoon.

I had a little too much fun putting together this video for my K students.  They are now ready to explore the wonderful world of 1 to 1 Chromebooks in their classrooms.

I have to admit that I was a little hesitant at first with the idea, but last week I worked with my first class and they really impressed me with what they were able to handle!   It’s also priceless to watch their expressions and listen to their ooooo’s and aaahhhh’s as they open their device for the first time and it turns on by itself.  I was in their room for an hour and they all stay focused.  Of course, I never could’ve done this by myself – having a teacher and teaching assistant in the room makes me things manageable.

Cubbie will be coming to each classroom as he demonstrates how the devices need to be handled.  He even likes to sit with the students who are using their listening ears and paying attention to directions.

I have made several Powtoons in the past but had not noticed before that you could add your voice to the slides.  I thought this gave it a more personal touch and would do a better job of keeping the little folks’ attention.

Next, we will be working on our “I can” Chromebook statements…..stay tuned.

You Really Need to Check Out Chatterpix

Who doesn’t love a resource that is FREE, you don’t need to create an account to use and is incredibly easy to use??
That sums up Chatterpix perfectly!
You can teach your students how to use this app in literally 30 seconds!  They love it and how quickly they can create a finished product to share with their teacher and peers.
The only limiting factor I see is that this only works on IPads and cell phones.  There is not a version for Chromebooks.
Chatterpix is a great way to for students to summarize information, recall what they have learned and keep to the facts because they only have 30 seconds to record.
The fun part is you get to draw the line for the mouth and you can add fun extras to your image.

Here’s a link to a handout I made:

Here’s a link to a Pinterest board that I created with lots of great ideas of how you can use this app.